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More than just a novel, Allyson Darke is an experience with interactive bonus features, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and a Facebook page where you can see what Allyson is doing right now. 

     Chris Michaels grew up in a sleepy house just like yours (partially poisonous ogres and magically mundane fungi included). He is an adventurer who was once struck by lightning and falsely arrested by the S.W.A.T. team. He's walked across the Mississippi River and wants to find the land where all the socks and spare change go so he can set up a Modest Trading Co. for them.

     Meanwhile, Reema Yeager grew up in various far-flung lands with Arabian knights and Western trailblazers. She is a thrill seeker who enjoys sky diving and rainy sunday afternoons with dangerous cats. She can speak that one language (you know the one) and wants to travel back to the Victorian era just to speak with Dr. Frankenstine's monster.

     In perfect mesh of chance and luck, the pair met met in the middle of the sweaty armpit called Houston's 'summertime,' and the rest is history.

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