(This is the script for the Audio bonus feature)

“Breaking news this evening with a tragic story out of Sullivan. A deadly car accident on the old Washington Bridge has left one dead and one missing. A mother and son. ‘It was the ice,’ said Steven Darke, ‘there was too much ice.’ Mr. Darke, the father, had been driving the family to Port Bethel Amusement Park when he reportedly hit a patch of black ice. The vehicle spun out of control and into a guardrail. Though no ice was reported on the road and investigators believe the vehicle was travelling at unsafe speeds, Sullivan Police say it is not likely any charges will be filed.


“Sadly, however, the mother, Carol Darke, died of her wounds on the scene. The boy was thrown from the car into the Washington River. The search continues for five year old Alex. Our hearts and prayers go out to the survivors, Steven and especially eleven year old Allyson Darke.”